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We came for the organic hot dog and we ended up loving everything. Burger Bound in Newark’s Ironbound section is so great that we struggled over whether to make this part of the Annual Hot Dog Tour because we were so impressed with the whole menu. In the end, we decided that it was worth a review on its own and not just for the dog.


That being said, we will talk about the hot dogs first since that’s what originally brought us to Burger Bound.  We’re in our fifth year of the Annual YDKJ Hot Dog Tour of New Jersey and this is the first organic hot dog we’ve found so we were very excited!  There are two dogs on the menu with different topping combinations.  We tried the Iron Dog, minus the cheese.  The Iron Dog starts with their organic all-beef sausage and tops it with sauerkraut, American cheese, bacon and crispy shallots.  Their hot dog is fittingly called a sausage on the menu because it’s really spicy.  The meat itself was really tender as we expected since usually organic meat seems more tender and mild. If we’d only had the hot dogs here we would have been very pleased but everything else we tried was just as good!

Burger Bound serves only organic meats and the freshest ingredients possible in their spacious corner restaurant nestled in the middle of the Ironbound section of Newark. It’s laid out so nicely that even though there was a large birthday party on the outside patio while we were there we never heard a peep out of them.  The music was fun and the entire atmosphere in the restaurant was vibrant and hip.


The menu has several different burgers on it so we chose two that seemed like we could get a good sample of what they offered.  We had the BB Sliders first.


The three sliders had organic beef patties and were topped with carmelized onions, lettuce, pickles, cherry tomato and a BB avocado aioli.  The beef was cooked a little more well done than we expected but we weren’t asked how we wanted them cooked so maybe that was partially our fault.  But, upon tasting our first slider we could tell that the extra cooking time hadn’t made the burgers dry so our fears were quickly allayed. The slider buns were lightly toasted which made the little sandwiches hold together well with all the toppings soaking into the buns.  Yeah, we definitely need to go back and try more burgers!

Next, we had a Black Bean Burger.



Wow, is that a monster burger!  The menu says it comes with two black bean patties but we got one giant patty.  It’s topped with very melty American cheese (is it even a cheese sauce?), caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and a very herbaceous pesto.  The black bean patty was coated in panko which made it really crunchy on the outside and the beans were very creamy and soft on the inside.  This might be the best black bean burger I’ve ever had.  The cheese was creamy and plentiful and the vegetable toppings were obviously very fresh.  The pesto stole the toppings show, though.  Even with all the bold veggie flavors going on in the sandwich, that herbed and spicy garnish was immediately and obviously the star of the show.  If the burger had come with just the pesto, I’d still be very happy.

We tried both kinds of fries, too. The sweet potato fries weren’t coated heavily which is exactly what I like.  I want to go back and have more of these fries right now!

burgerbound-5 burgerbound-4

And, the regular fries were just as good.  Thick enough to taste the creamy potato inside but with a great, crunchy outside.  They also offer blue cheese and truffle fries which sound like they must be terrific.  Who’s ready to come with us when we head back to the Ironbound for more organic hot dogs and burgers?  Let’s go today!

Burger Bound

62 Van Buren St., Newark

Phone: (973)732-9750

Fax: (973)732-9751

Monday-Thursday: 11AM to 10PM

Friday & Saturday: 11AM to 11PM

Sunday: 12PM to 10PM


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