NFL Week 3 – Jets Giants Eagles – Results

by Donald Hanson • September 24, 2013 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1472


The Giants basically never got off the plane at the airport in Charlotte and got shellacked 38-0. All the Giants fans out there got a reality check as their team showed no heart, hunger or passion in a lifeless effort. The only saving grace for them is that they are in the crappiest division in the league, the NFC Least. No one trusts the Cowboys and Tony Romo to do well even though they are in first place, the Eagles are (1-2) and the Giants and Redskins winless. No one is grabbing the division by the throat and running away with it. Don’t throw dirt on the Giants just yet as it’s such a lousy division that it is entirely possible for a team to win it with a losing record.

The Jets played better this week. Geno Smith looked good and the receivers finally stepped up. Steven Hill and Santonio Holmes had nice games. The Jets had a tremendous pass rush game that was right on the money. The only reason the Bills came back at all is because the Jets imploded with a record 20 penalties. Still, they held on and won 27-20.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ recent gameplay demonstrated their strong offense but weak defense. Scoring is not the problem, stopping the other team from scoring is the problem. Every game isn’t going to be 85-75, this isn’t hoops. The Eagles need to play defense as well as offense and they could beat any given team.

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