NFL Week 5 – Jets Giants Eagles – Results

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The 0-5 Giants just don’t have it this year. Their season is spiraling out of control and they won’t have much time to gather themselves together as they have to play Chicago on Thursday this week. They need to get it together real soon to have any chance of this season meaning anything. The offensive line is banged up and beaten and they are just reshuffling parts. Now, coach Tom Coughlin’s son-in-law Chris Snee is now out for the season. They are out of sync, their running game is nonexistent and they are showing their age. Eli Manning is trying too hard and as a result leads the league in picks. Fans are fed up and calling for change but Tom Coughlin is too good of a coach for them to fire so they will probably ride out the season with him. Obviously if they go 3-13 or 4-12 there might be a mutual parting of the ways. They won’t fire him but they will come to an understanding that maybe his coaching is a lost voice and they have to go in a different direction. As a team, you can only listen to the same coach’s voice until the message doesn’t get across anymore as it gets stale. Coughlin has no desire to retire and I will tell you this; If the Giants do part ways with him he won’t be out of work very long. Some other team will gobble him up and he’ll be coaching somewhere else next year in the NFL. Giants fans have a real ‘What have you done for me lately?’ attitude. Its amazing that 2 years ago they were talking about building a statue or monument of Coughlin but now they want him fired!

The Eagles are still coming of age. They are like a jigsaw puzzle and Chip Kelly doesn’t know how to put all of the pieces together yet. It’s still too early to figure out what they are going to be. They’re still giving up a lot of points but they managed to beat the Giants 36-21. Michael Vick left the game with a pulled hamstring, but Nick Foles came in and rallied the team against the Giants for their second win of the year. He will also be starting next week.

The big question is this: Is Chip Kelly going to be a long term coach or a one and done flash in the pan. Andy Reid was a staple in Philadelphia at 14 years and it isn’t easy to replace a living legend. When I was in Philadelphia I talked with fans who were saying “Isn’t it amazing our coach is 5-0 with the Kansas City Chiefs?” Look, a teacher can’t beat it into a student’s heads to study, focus and do their homework. Maybe it’s the same way with Tom Coughlin and the Giants. Are Philadelphia fans realizing that they may have had it better with Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb? Will Chip Kelly finish the mission and bring a long awaited championship to Philadelphia or be on his way in a year or two?

The New York Jets had a big win in their first really exciting game of the season. Rookie QB Geno Smith lead the Jets down the field and set up Nick Folk for a successful 44 yard field goal that won the game for them 30-28. Like I said earlier, Atlanta is a stronger team than their record shows and this was possibly a season changing and season making win for the Jets. Now 3-2, the Jets have a real chance at making the playoffs. To just think that before the season started, many experts had the Jets ranked as one of the worst teams in the league, if not the worst. Coach Rex Ryan has said “Were not looking at the outside world”. They are simply focused on winning games and improving their team and not listening to the critics.

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