NFL Week 7 – Jets Giants Eagles – Results

by Donald Hanson • October 22, 2013 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1647


It set football back 1,000 years and it was ugly as hell but the New York Giants finally got their first win of the season beating the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. It was a snooze-fest. You would have to be a die hard to sit through it. Eli Manning was lucky. He could have been picked off a couple more times since he’s already leading the league in picks. It’s a good thing for the Giants that the Viking players can’t catch a cold. Josh Freeman in his first start as quarterback for the Vikings was no better, missing wide open receivers by 50 or 60 yards. So if you like ugly football games it was one for the ages! It wasn’t exquisite or pretty and most people agree that the Giants really haven’t solved anything. With the exception of the defense, they still played lousy and just got lucky. Weaknesses are still present and what happened last night was like a mirage. Fortunately for the Giants, they played one of the worst teams in the NFL. If they played the way they did against any other team they probably would have lost. In order to move forward and start putting a winning streak together they are going to have to play a lot better. A win in Philadelphia Sunday would be a big step in the right direction.

With their 9th loss in a row at Lincoln Financial Field, or “Linc”, the Philadelphia Eagles haven’t won a game at home in almost a year and a half.  Coming off of a victory last week, back-up quarterback Nick Foles couldn’t get anything done and eventually got injured in a 17-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles were then forced to rely on their 3rd stringer, rookie Matt Barkley. Seriously, how many quarterbacks does a team need to have? Michael Vick couldn’t play because he was an injured scratch. The rookie Barkley had three picks and basically that’s all she wrote. In a nutshell, the offense couldn’t get anything going. For once in their lives, the Eagles defense played decent, I wouldn’t say great, against Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Unfortunately, Chip Kelly and his high powered offense couldn’t get anywhere. They get Vick back on Sunday against the G-Men.

As far as the New York Jets go, they got a decent win against a good team but they also got a little help. They got the benefit of a new field goal rule change that went into effect in the off season. New England Coach Bill Belichick was not happy with the new rule, this being the first time it was ever called. The penalty gave Nick Folk a second chance to make a field goal, missing the first from 56 yards out in overtime. Folk hit the second attempt at 42 yards and the Jets emerged with a 30-27 win. Some fans are starting to think that the Jets are a playoff team but its really early to think like that. They haven’t even been able to put 2 wins together this season. However, this is an improving team and you have to be happy so far as a Jet fan.

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