NFL Week 8 – Jets Giants Eagles – Results

by Donald Hanson • October 28, 2013 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1344


The Jet game was a debacle before you could even sit down and take a sip of your beer or beverage. It got out of hand before you could bat an eyelash. It was an ugly day from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. The Jets were unprepared and continued their trend of one week up one week down. It’s been a roller coaster ride for the fans as they have not put 2 wins or 2 losses together! Their defense is usually rock solid and on the money but it was outclassed yesterday as the Cincinnati Bengals beat them 49-9!. Geno Smith is still in his Jekyll and Hyde mode having one good game followed by one bad one. He had a couple of interceptions that were run back the other way for scores. He didn’t have it, they couldn’t run the ball and it was overall just a bad day at the office!

As far as the Eagles go, it’s now 10 and counting for their home losing streak! They are closing in on two years without a home win which is astounding but not in a good way! Eagles fans loyally report to Lincoln Financial Field for each home game asking themselves before they even reach their seat, “Is this the day we finally end the drought?”. The answer yesterday was still no as they lost to the Giants 15-7. The coaching staff is mind-boggling and it’s the same old story with quarterback Michael Vick : he never plays a full season and always winds up on IR. He always pulls a hamstring or gets some kind of boo-boo and unfortunately their two other quarterbacks are buffoons! Unlike the Jets where there aren’t enough playmakers on offense for Geno Smith, Philly has playmakers including the leagues leading rusher and one of the top 5 receivers in the NFL but outside of a field goal, they cant muster up any points without a solid quarterback.

The Eagles’ usually non-existant defense actually did a decent job keeping the Giants out of the end zone , but that may just be a result of the Giants being that dreadful! I wouldn’t say they played great but you’ve got to give them credit for cleaning up some things and playing a lot better than they have. As Chip Kelly looks for his first home win with the struggling Eagles (3-5), ironically their ex-coach of 14 seasons Andy Reid is now 8-0 with his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs. It just goes to show what a fresh new environment and new direction can do for both coaches and players. Keeping coaches forever is not necessarily the best idea!

The New York Giants notched their second win in a row to bring them to (2-6). Happening in the notoriously bad NFC Least, it’s not especially significant. The Giants, Eagles and Redskins suck and the Cowboys are mediocre at best! No one is stepping up their game or running away with the division and no one seems to want it! With 8 games remaining, only 2 games now separate the top and bottom of the division and you might as well spin a roulette wheel if you are trying to guess who the winner will be!

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