NFL Week 9 – Jets Giants Eagles – Preview

by Donald Hanson • November 2, 2013 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1331


The Giants have a bye week which could be good or bad. Good because they can rest up or bad because they have won 2 games in a row and it may stop their momentum.

The New York Jets (4-4) face the high powered offense of the New Orleans Saints (6-1) this week. They play at home tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. It’s sort of a family reunion as the coach of the Jets, Rex Ryan goes against his twin brother Rob Ryan who coaches the defense of the Saints. Will the script of alternating wins and losses that’s been going on all year continue and see the Jets win on Sunday? The big question is : Can Geno Smith continue to grow, head in the right direction and establish himself? Can he convince the higher ups and the owner that he is worth keeping? Will he win the hearts of Jet Nation in the next 8 games or will this be a failed audition? Come next April will the Jets have their new long term quarterback, will they be drafting a new one or bringing someone in to compete with him for the position? Geno Smith really needs a better supporting offensive cast to reach his potential. The Jets need the same high level talent at wide receiver, running back and tight end that they have on defense. In the end, Geno may wind up being another Mark Sanchez, basically a 1 or 2 year stop gap flash in the pan until the next big name comes along. Frankly, the Jets have been searching for a winning quarterback since they won the Superbowl with Joe Namath in 1969. Once you find a winning quarterback like the way the Giants found Eli Manning you do your darndest to hang on to him and surround him with talent. Most NFL franchises aren’t lucky enough to go from one winning quarterback to another like Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck on the Colts or Joe Montana to Steve Young on the 49ers. Those situations are very rare. Just ask the Miami Dolphins who are still searching for their next Dan Marino. Having a good quarterback is a big deal in the NFL. It helps establish your franchise, stability and a foundation for winning a Superbowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) are taking on the (3-4) Oakland Raiders in an away game. They have lost 2 in a row and have their own quarterback issues. Nick Foles is back at quarterback after sitting out with a concussion. Michael Vick is back on the injured list with a hamstring injury. Matt Barkley is the only back up option at this point. The Eagles will try to get the running game going with LaSean ‘Shady’ Mccoy, one of the leading rushers in the NFL and hopefully some play action passes and high octane offense to try to get wide receiver DeSean ‘The Man’ Jackson involved. The Raiders are coming off upsetting Pittsburgh last week and they are looking for a Pennsylvania sweep. Can the Eagles reestablish themselves as possibly a factor in the NFC East after losing 2 in a row? That remains to be seen in this tricky game. This team needs a turnaround. The honeymoon is over for Chip Kelly and if he wants to be taken seriously as the next big thing as a college coach making the transition to the pros, he has to get the Eagles back to their winning ways.

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