NFL Week 15 – Jets Giants Eagles – Results

by Donald Hanson • December 17, 2013 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1754


Let me just say, the New York Jets were a debacle on Sunday and with the Ravens winning last night, they have now joined the Giants and have been mathematically eliminated from any post season contention. The key question now for the last 2 games of the year against Cleveland and Miami are : Will Rex Ryan be back as head coach next year or will Woody Johnson and company part ways after the Jets missing the playoffs for 3 straight years?

Call it a mixed bag for the Philadelphia Eagles (8-6) this week. First, they found out that league superstar running back Adrian Peterson wasn’t going to play this week. The Eagles failed to take advantage however, falling behind early and often. Basically the Eagles’ defense took the day off and blew a golden opportunity by giving up 48 points to Minnesota, not what you would call a juggernaut of a team when it comes to offense. Nick Foles did everything he could to rally the Eagles but unfortunately they had to much of a deficit to make up as they lost to the Vikings 48-30. But then at 4:00 the Eagles got an early Christmas present from the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys, who were up 23-3 at halftime had one of the biggest collapses in their history eventually losing to the Green Bay Packers 37-36. This leaves the Eagles still one game ahead of the Cowboys.

The New York Giants (5-9) looked like they packed it in already and are ready for vacation! Eli Manning threw 5 picks in the 23-0 loss to bring his total for the season to 25. Coach Tom Coughlin was not happy as he called out his players saying thanks to the players who showed up and suggesting that those who didn’t would find themselves on another team next season as they clean house. The Seattle Seahawks came into Metlife Stadium possibly as a warmup for being back in a couple months for the Super Bowl and shut out the Giants at home the first time since September 1995. It was bad news for all the local teams this week with Philadelphia still in the running for the playoffs.

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