Our 2014 Resolutions – Editors’ Roundtable

by Alice Magdziak • December 31, 2013 • Editors' RoundtableComments (0)1754


Seems like a great time to renew our individual resolutions for You Don’t Know Jersey. We’ve done resolutions every year we’ve had the site. In 2013, we made published our list in January but wrote it in December 20122011 brought our resolutions in December and in 2010 we also used pre-New Year’s Eve December to state our first year’s resolutions.  This year, we waited until January. Perhaps one of our resolutions should be timeliness!


  • One of my goals is to revive and continue my Weird NJ Debunked series with lots of new articles in 2014. I love all the mysterious, abandoned, creepy and strange places in New Jersey and the real stories behind them is what I am after.
  • I also want to spend more time and effort on our social media outlets like pinterest and tumblr. We are all fans of photography here and they make better showcase for photography than Facebook or Twitter.
  • My last resolution is to work hard to get some of our future projects going but since they are top secret right now, I realty can’t say anything else about them at this time.


  • Music, music, music. In 2013 I started delving deeper into the music scene in New Jersey. Still I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. We are fortunate to have an abundance of talented, creative and hard working musicians in the state. Music is such an important part of my life and to make music a main feature of the site is important.
  • I want to make photographs a bigger part of the site as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Don, Alice and I are all photographers and we love it and is something we enjoy sharing on the site. This is a case where we have listened to you, our readers, and have learned something. People like pictures. Consistently they get the most comments, likes and shares.
  • I found I really like interviews. I send e-mail interviews frequently but only got to do one live interview, with The Front Bottoms at the Jersey Show Music Festival in July. I need to study how the best interviewers work and and incorporate their good techniques with my own personal easy-going style.


I’d like to make my resolutions for 2014 be focused on using the power of You Don’t Know Jersey for making New Jersey a better place to live.

  • One thing I’ve learned over the last year is that almost no one will turn down the chance to talk about our home state.  It’s still hard to approach people out of the blue and talk about what we’re doing but I’d really like to get out there more and talk to people about what they’re doing to help NJ be great.
  • We keep thinking that we’ll get down to the beach more often every summer and every August 31st we realize that we didn’t really do it again.  This year I’m going to try and devise a plan for actually getting down there more often.  There’s so much to see and do that we have to try and make it happen.
  • I’ve recently been searching Sussex County for stuff to do and coming up short.  Who’s out there who can help us discover more than the County Fair?  I think we’re starting to get used to covering south Jersey so we need to step up our extreme north Jersey game, too.

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