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The Jersey Shore is alive and well and ready for you to finish all your holiday shopping all in one day.  We found so many great shopping options on Main Street in Manasquan!

We’ve been doing all our holiday shopping at locally-owned businesses for three years now and have never enjoyed shopping like we have since we started this quest. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy buying gifts again if you head out to some of the areas we’ve covered before and towns we’re visiting this year, too.

One of our favorite places in Manasquan was Palm Place which is a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store.  Palm Place also has locations in Bay Head and Princeton.


If you aren’t familiar with the name Lilly Pulitzer you’re probably familiar with her prints.  This store has everything for the ladies on your shopping list.  Clothes, bags, art…  and all in great bright colors. The kids clothing is especially adorable and I got a very special girl something that I just know she’ll love.  It has the octopus print that you can see on the ladies pullover on the left below.  What adventurous little kid wouldn’t love that print?


This store is special because they have a limited edition print that the design team at Lilly Pulitzer made to benefit Jersey Shore recovery efforts.  It’s a beautiful piece of art that would also help others.  We think that’s a win, win! Hurry down to the store and get one for your shore lovers.


There are lots more gift shops up and down Main Street.  Katherine’s Boutique has beautiful merchandise and a gorgeous window display! They have those iPhone gloves with the slightly sticky fingertips that teenagers and adult techies would love.


Timm’s at the corner of Main and Broad Streets has everything you can imagine for shore lovers.  Beach chairs, t-shirts, beach umbrellas, decorations and boogie boards.  Start thinking about the summer and give the gift of vacation!


The Garret (no web presence, phone: 732.223.8440) had so many home decor gifts that we got a little lost and started looking at buying things for ourselves.  You know it’s a good store when you forget why you’re there.


We absolutely loved the pillows all over the store.  They were made in incredibly soft faux furs and were just the right amount of plumpness for sofa pillows.  Add that to my own gift list, please!


Bouquets to Remember had a whole lot more than just flowers. They have a terrific assortment of Christmas tree ornaments.


But the things we liked best were these little TVs with cute vignettes inside.  These are just too adorable!


Charlotte West is a baby store with an organic and modern feel.  I got fleece-lined tights and a kimono-style nightgown for a little person and they were very high quality and all organic materials.  This store has almost anything you could ask for for the modern baby and mother.


C.S. Raffetto Children’s Shoe Store was a step back into the past when someone who really knows shoes helps you pick out your next pair.  They had lots and lots of variety and were extremely helpful.  Even their seating is neat!  Head on over and see what we mean.


The Weston Gallery is another store that we really loved.


They make sterling silver beach tags with almost any shore town name you can think of.  The beautiful silver tags can be used as charms for necklaces, earrings, key rings or many other keepsake styles. A portion of the sale price on these items also go toward shore revitalization so you can feel proud getting these as gifts that you’re also helping the shore. They also do art restoration and sell a lot of original art alongside the jewelry.


The Yellow Daisy was a very unique store with lots of different crafters sharing a storefront.  There was such a variety of items that I can’t even begin to list everything for fear I’ll leave out something really neat.  Basically, if you can think of a craft I’m pretty sure you could find it here.  In the off chance it’s not there, the sales people on duty could probably make it for you!


Have we convinced you yet that Manasquan is a great place to get lots of shopping done?  There are still lots more places that we haven’t talked about yet!

You can buy theater tickets downtown at the Algonquin Arts Box Office.


You can find a whole selection of toys that you can’t find at a big box toy store at Quinnderella’s Toys.


You can find books at Booktowne!


Get your stocking stuffers at the Chocolate Bar.  If it’s chocolate, it’s here. We covered their grand opening and we still love it here.


Manasquan Lighting has a window full of gorgeous Tiffany style lamps.


You can even have personalized holiday cards made by Invitations Ink while you shop Main Street.


Chantilly Too has furniture, home decor and clothing items perfect for almost anyone.


We couldn’t help it and got a gift for ourselves of this beautiful New Jersey ornament.  Who wouldn’t love this?


Every one of the shopkeepers in Manasquan was friendly and extremely helpful.  We have come to expect that local businesses are especially friendly but Manasquan really felt like they were going out of their way to be nice.  Is it possible that they discuss this in town hall meetings?

Regardless of whether it’s planned or not, you should definitely head over to Manasquan, gets lots of gifts and meet these wonderful show owners and see the friendliness for yourselves!

Shop Local, NJ!

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