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While I was at the Asbury Park Comic Con, I received a couple of phone calls. I told them where I was and mentioned that there was a panel with Chris Claremont later that I was going to. Only one of the people actually had any idea who Chris Claremont is, the other 3 had no idea. I explained to them that he wrote the greatest and most important run of X-men comics. They seemed impressed but it still really didn’t mean anything to them.


Other guests like Jim Steranko and Peter Bagge show that the Asbury Park Comic Con is a show for true comic fans, not people who saw a couple comic based movies or TV shows. The convention was full of comic greats. Walking through the showrooms, I found independent comic writers and artists, classic comic talent, creative comic and cosplay products, and old comics for sale.


Here are a few interviews with some of the vendors :

Super Sox Shop


The Super Sox Shop makes handmade sox, swords and all kinds of cosplay items and novelties. I had a chance to interview Seamstress Gina D’Angelo :


CO2 Comics


CO2 Comics is a collective of comic book creators. They have online as well as printed comics and are working on projects such as making all the issues of Comics Interview magazine available in volumes:

The Jack Kirby Museum


Jack Kirby is one of the most important comic creators and artists ever in the history of comics and anyone reading comics should know his name. The Jack Kirby Museum is working on keeping his name out there and exposing him to people who may not know who he is.

Exit Zero Zombie



Exit Zero Zombie is an illustrated novel about a zombie outbreak Happening in New Jersey. Check it out :

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