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The Committed Pig in Manasquan may be focused on bacon but they made a great burger, too!  Even their turkey burger was delicious.

Big, juicy and well-seasoned.  These are all signs of a great burger and these are some of the things that make Committed Pig’s burgers so great.  Yes, they have plain burgers but why not add some intrigue to the day and add a giant onion ring and bacon chipotle mayo to the double patty mix?


And, then, add the best waffle fries this side of Belgium (waffles, get it??) and you’ve got yourself a memorable meal!


All their burgers are fresh from Pat LaFreida himself so you know the taste is exactly right.



In November, we stopped by and had their Gobble Burger which was also stupendous.  Giant turkey burger that wasn’t cooked to death, topped with LOTS of homemade dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce.  This turkey burger was in the top three, at least, of all turkey burgers we’ve had.


There’s a turkey burger on the year-round menu which sounds just as good, topped with avocado, jalapenos, an egg and gruyere.  Wow!


Of course, there are lots of non-burgers on the menu and the sandwich above was what I had most recently at the Committed Pig.  Oh, what is it, you ask?  Just the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had. Called The People’s Grilled Cheese, this is heaven on a bun. Fontina, gruyere and cheddar cheeses come with a giant chicken breast and avocado slices on unbelievably crispy bread.   I’m going to have trouble ordering anything else from now on when we return.


Except maybe this baby right here.  This is from their Brunch menu and it’s called the Kitchen Sinker. And, it’s the best breakfast sandwich ever made.  Extra pork roll, extra cheese, extra bacon, a fried egg and avocado on an amazingly soft brioche roll.


When you go for brunch (try the pancakes, too!), you even get a whole thermos of coffee so you don’t have to chase down a top off every ten minutes.


We just love The Committed Pig and you will, too.  Shop downtown Manasquan, eat at The Committed Pig and then head to the beach for the rest of the day.  Simple as that.


And, Morristown folks stay tuned, because a Committed Pig is opening in your town soon!!


The Committed Pig

168 Main Street, Manasquan




Mon-Thurs 10am-3pm

Fri                10am-3pm

Sat                8am-5pm

Sun               8am-5pm



Mon-Thurs 5pm-8:30pm

Fri                5pm-9pm

Sat                5pm-9pm

Sun               5pm-8pm


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