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We’ve reached the end of National Burger Month and we’re wrapping our month up with a place that’s both well-known and undiscovered.  It’s not much to look at and they have a very limited menu but if you’re into burgers like we are, you need to take the drive to Jersey City and visit the New Park Tavern.  newparktavern-6

When Jersey City’s Jersey Journal asked readers to vote for Best Burger late last year, they overwhelmingly voted for New Park Tavern. So, it’s well-known to Jersey City folks but for people from outside of town it seems like an unlikely place to make a journey to for a burger. In case you’re really concerned, this is actually a “cop bar” so I wouldn’t feel too intimidated by coming here.  It’s plenty safe and there’s room inside and out on their patio to make friends or be alone with your burgers—whichever you decide.


When I say they have a limited menu, I mean seriously limited. They have a rotating men on a chalkboard that varies around hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, reubens and a few other sandwiches.  Who cares?  You’re here for bar food, not healthy cuisine! The bartender was busy cooking those burgers the whole time we were there so we didn’t get to see any of the other food.


It was also dark and rainy the day and we forgot our low-light camera so our pictures aren’t the greatest.  Oh darn, we might have to go back and eat more great burgers to get better pictures!

So, let’s talk about those burgers.


These are serious patties.  They come on large seeded Kaiser rolls which is good because they’re seriously juicy and need lots of bun to soak it all up.  I got cheese and bacon on mine and it was just plain terrific.  The cheese melted beautifully and the bacon was nice and crispy without being well-done.


Ed went for the plain burger and was not disappointed.  Look how thick that patty is!


Yes, it’s kind of a dive bar but it’s cozy and everyone’s friendly so it’s worth the trip for those great big juicy burgers.


New Park Tavern

575 West Side Ave, Jersey City

(201) 434-9253


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