The Sixth Annual Paterson Art Walk is This Weekend So Head Over There Today!

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The Art Factory in Paterson gives local artists reasonably priced space to work and collaborate.  It’s an amazing place filled with all kinds of creative people.


For six years they’ve been putting on a giant free art show that stretches from Spruce Street, south of The Paterson Museum, where the Art Factory South is to north of the Great Falls where Art Factory North is located. All along the way, there are artists displaying their work, musicians playing, poetry and book readings, fashion shows and much much more. Sponsors include The Art Factory, The Paterson Museum, The New Jersey Community Development Corporation, The Ivanhoe Wheelhouse and The Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park.


YDKJ friend and artist, Jeff Wickliffe, has been telling us about the Art Factory for a while now but we still had no idea how large the entire space was.  The Art Factory on Spruce Street is housed in the 19th century former Barbour Flax Mill. It’s four floors of winding hallways, studios, gallery space, former factory vaults and Jeff’s exhibit space which was the former water wheel room.


Jeff’s light painting photography was right at home in this room with all the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.


Most of the artists who work in the Art Factory have something on display somewhere in the building.


Art Factory alliance groups like art galleries and universities also had their artists’ work on display.


Room after room after room of every type of art you can imagine was really a wonder to behold!


These ladies were promoting their dance group, eDanceMovement.  They were raising awareness about themselves because they dance for events and they’re having auditions soon. We were impressed by their enthusiasm.  They also take a great picture!


Check out more pictures of the art and artists here:

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