Sixth Annual YDKJ Hot Dog Tour – Hot Dog Johnny’s, Buttzville

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We’d been to Hot Dog Johnny’s before, of course, but hadn’t made it an official YDKJ Hot Dog Tour stop until this year.  New Jersey residents simply must stop at least once on your way to or from Pennsylvania via I-80 or Route 46.

The dogs are classic ones, steamed and topped with your choice of kraut, relish, mustard or a pickle spear.


We had already been to a few hot dog places before we stopped in Buttzville this time so we didn’t get the fries.  But, if you’re stopping and you’re hungry, you should definitely get them.  They are perfection.

The scenery is lovely in the rolling mountains of northwest New Jersey.


The Pequest River flows to the right and behind Hot Dog Johnny’s.  We recommend touring the grounds a little as you eat.  The seating areas can get crowded and there’s plenty to look at as you munch down on those dogs.


If you’ve been before, you know that we’d be remiss in mentioning the drinks at Hot Dog Johnny’s.  They serve birch beer from a giant barrel right inside the order window and they are the only place we’ve ever seen that sells big cups of buttermilk.  This is the first time I tried the buttermilk.  It’s definitely not for me but it’s an interesting quirk in their beverage line-up.  I’ve spoken to several people who say they go there just for the buttermilk.  It was like drinking Greek yogurt.  I like Greek yogurt but I guess I like it as a vehicle for fruit or walnuts and not as a beverage with hot dogs.  I’m glad I tried it, though.  You have to try things that might seem weird…  you never know what you might be missing out on!

Hot Dog Johnny’s

333 Route 46, Belvidere


Open seven days a week: 9:00am to 10:00pm


Here are all our photos from our stop at Hot Dog Johnny’s:

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