We Went to an East Coast Professional Wrestling Event…And It Was Awesome

by Ed Magdziak • September 29, 2014 • Entertainment, Sports & LeisureComments (0)3469

When my brother first told me he wanted to go see a pro wresting match I was pretty much stunned. When we were growing up we never followed the sport much. Sure we knew who Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Rowdy Roddy Piper were but we weren’t huge fans. It seemed intriguing enough with the outlandish, colorful personalities involved and the over-the-top action. We were just too involved with other sports, I suppose. You can imagine my surprise then when he said he actually knew someone (Mike 3D) who was wrestling and invited us to go.


I’m glad he did. We had a great time.


The event was held at the Elk’s Lodge in Paramus by East Coast Professional Wrestling. Right from the start we could tell this was going to be a fun event. The crowd was a mix of young and old and everywhere in between. We could tell a lot of these fans are incredibly dedicated as they cheered loudly for their favorites and booed just as loudly for the villains. Some of the fans were quite good at coming up with on the spot chants. At one point a manager dressed in a red, ringmaster type jacket wearing ghoulish make-up and carrying a voodoo themed cane was met with a chant of “Par-ty Ci-ty” as he led his wrestler out to the ring. This was so funny it became a popular chant throughout the night.


The wrestlers were a good mix of large and small, all-out costumes and more traditional wrestling looks. They all interacted with the audience and helped get everyone excited. The villains certainly played their parts well and even confronted some audience members, getting into verbal sparring bouts with fervor. The matches were fairly quick and there was not much downtime between them which helped keep the excitement and tension high throughout the evening.


The final tag team match was an incredible display of showmanship. The fighting was fierce right from the start and it soon became clear that the normal tag team rules were thrown out the window. It became a bit of a free-for-all with all 4 wrestlers fighting at the same time. It was not long before the brutal fighting extended beyond the ropes and into the actual audience. Make no mistake, this wrestling is far from fake. You could see the skin getting red and hear the punches and slaps. At one point a wrestler was body-slammed into the hard floor and I was shocked he was able to get back up and continue. It was a thrilling match and we joined in the chorus of “That was awesome” that the entire crowd was shouting at the end.

There’s another set of matches scheduled for Friday October 3rd at the Wallkill Valley Regional High School.  Go check it out and have a great time with the whole family!

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