D’Angelo Italian Market, Princeton – Pizza Review

by Alice Magdziak • October 17, 2014 • Mercer, Slices of New JerseyComments (0)3186

It’s National Pizza Month and we stopped by the D’Angelo Italian Market in Princeton to try their slices.

First, though, if you haven’t been there and you love Italian food you should check out their entire store.  A giant deli filled with both classic deli selections and many things that we’d never even heard of before.  The counter staff was very friendly, too.


As for the pizza, we tried one full Margherita pie and a few slices to see how the toppings and different crusts were.  We’re happy to report that all were delicious!


The Margherita had lots of fresh mozzarella that was very mild tasting and had a great classic stringy cheese pull when you pulled a bite away from the slice.  The tomato sauce was very clean and not overly-complicated and there was fresh basil and a delicious grassy olive oil on top.  Great start to our lunch of pizzas!

Our first single slice was a square pie corner slice with sausage and pepperoni.  That great deli back behind the pizza counter was evident here because the meats were very high quality and had a nice peppery bite to them.  The crust wasn’t too thick like a big Sicilian pie but it was hearty and kept all the toppings in their place up top.


My personal favorite slice of the day was the mushroom, onions and breadcrumbs one.  The same crust as the pepperoni slice but the veggie toppings were extremely plentiful on this one. The addition of breadcrumbs intrigued me and it ended up being a smart gamble.  The bread crumbs mixed with the cheese and made almost a casserole topping among the mushrooms and onions.  How have I never seen this before?  I need more slices of this one!


Our last slice was a classic Sicilian one with a very thick crust that’s also airy and crispy.  How do they get something so thick to be so light and airy?


If you’re in the mood for some fast lunch and some shopping, check out D’Angelo Italian Market—especially, during National Pizza Month!

Here are all the pictures from our visit to D’Angelo Italian Market:

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