Montclair Bread Company Owner Competes in Donut Showdown on the Cooking Channel Thursday Night

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Rachel Crampsey, owner and head baker of Montclair Bread Company, recently competed in the Donut Showdown and the episode airs Thursday night at 9:00pm on the Cooking Channel. We can’t wait to see what she made and whether she won or not!


We had the donuts above from MBC a few months ago and they were so delicious that we shared the picture on Facebook.  We had our fans drooling. When we heard that there was a donut contest, we went back for more donuts last weekend and found more delicious breakfast treats. If the judges can find a better donut than Rachel makes we will be surprised.


Every Friday through Sunday, the store has many different kinds of donuts for sale and we’ve never found a bad one.  They post what special Sunday donuts they’re making on their Facebook page every week so make sure you follow them.

Last Sunday, we went for apple cider, maple bacon and Stumptown espresso iced donuts. Each one was distinct and delicious. The maple bacon was the perfect blend of salty and sweet. The apple cider donuts were not too heavy and had a sweet, though no overpowering, flavor—perfect for a crisp autumn morning. The espresso donut was a coffee lovers dream with not only coffee icing but actual chocolate covered espresso beans.

This coming weekend, we’ve been told that they’ll be showcasing the donuts that Rachel made for the show so we should be in for an extra special treat!

We also tried their breakfast sandwiches last Sunday.


These aren’t just any sandwiches.  It starts with a freshly baked roll—we chose multigrain but there are a few other choices.  The rolls are lightly crispy but have plenty of soft dough inside to make it easy to bite into without all the eggs and other fillings oozing out.  The eggs are a souffle that’s extremely light and airy and not the usual greasy fried egg that you get from any old deli.  Your choice of cheeses, sausage or bacon and tomato and lettuce round out the sandwich selections.

Make sure you watch Donut Showdown this Thursday night and root for Rachel.  Then head over to Montclair Bread Company this weekend to see what we’re raving about!

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