Rachel Crampsey from Montclair Bread Company Wins Cooking Channel’s Donut Showdown!

by Alice Magdziak • October 19, 2014 • Essex, Food, Jersey FolkComments (0)3105

We reminded you to watch on Thursday night and we hope you did because Rachel won!


Two of the winning donuts are on sale this weekend in Montclair and we tried them.


The Tres Leches donut with Avocado Creme had a very moist and soft glazed donut with the lightest most delicious creme I’ve ever had piped in the middle.  The avocado in the creme made a slightly savory flavor which paired perfectly with the sweet glaze.


The Margarita donut was the one that I was most looking forward to.  Lime curd with tequila glaze and dipped in a sugar/salt/chili mixture? Yes, please!  The lime curd was tart but not too sour—even less tart than Key Lime.  The sugar/salt/chili mixture was great!
Today’s the last day to head over to Montclair and try these two winners, but, don’t worry, even their regular donuts are amazing!

We got to ask her a few questions about her experience on TV:

1. Congratulations!  One of the contestants on the show mentioned his plans for the prize money.  Did you have any plans for it going in or were you just trying to win first?

Honestly, I was just so excited to be there, winning didn’t really matter. Sure the prize money is a huge bonus but my thoughts were on each task at hand during the competition. I didn’t want to place undue stress on my assistant, Rachel. I told her, let’s just go, have fun, and make the doughnuts we make every morning together…just another day at the bakery.
2.  Which surprise ingredient threw you more, the licorice or the avocado?

Definitely the licorice! I really had no idea what to do with it until I was done.  There were two other fillings & glazes I was working on off camera just in case the first combo didn’t work out.

I’ve played around with avocado in sweet dishes like avocado ice cream in the past. It’s actually really easy to work with because it’s a fat…it plays well with other fats like heavy cream.

3.  The lime curd and the avocado creme are so tender, delicate and delicious. And, the sugar, salt and chili mixture on the Margarita donut is perfectly balanced. These new flavors are especially good paired with that fantastic dough your regular customers already know and love.  Will you be incorporating these filling flavors into your regular donut rotation?

We have weekly doughnut specials and these will definitely be worked into the rotation. Both flavors have popped up on our menu around Cinco de Mayo in years past.
4.  You’ve taken a beloved community fixture, the Montclair Bread Company, and made it even more special and beloved when you took over the ownership.  Thank you, and do you have any plans to take over the world with your amazing baked goods now?

Hahahaha….yes and I’ll start with New Jersey!!!
5.  We’ve seen fans ask this on your Facebook page before, but seriously…  will you come to our house and make us all the donuts?

Can we trade? I’ll make you doughnuts if you cook me dinner???

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