The 2014 Clark Griswold Award for Excessive Halloween Decorating Once Again Goes To…

by Donald Hanson • October 31, 2014 • Events, Holiday, Photography, VideosComments (0)2784

After checking out many other houses in New Jersey with elaborate Halloween decorations, I can honestly say that none compare to our perennial winner. Even more impressive than his Christmas decorations, no one does Halloween better than the dentist on Grove Street in Clifton, NJ. Every year his house becomes one of the wonders of the world. If you get off Route 3 at Grove Street and go South, you can’t miss it. Over the years I have gone over and photographed it a few times. Here is a video and photo gallery of his 2014 set-up. It’s not just the quantity of the decorations, it’s the quality. Sure it would be easy to just throw up loads of stuff. This is more than that. From the animatronic figures to the great sound effects, it is creative and fun and you can spend time appreciating each amazing attraction.




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