Zombie Walk in Asbury Park Saturday to Raise Awareness of Brain Cancer

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It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, the air is a little crisper and the Halloween decorations are starting to come out. Oh, and zombies. The New Jersey Zombie Walk descends on Asbury Park this Saturday October 4th. Only this time eating brains is not the only focus of the walk. Saving them is on the agenda as well. The theme is Grey Matters, Zombies vs. Brain Cancer. It is, of course, the perfect cause for a zombie walk.


Brain cancer, like all cancers, is a horrible thing. Several years ago a family friend lost his young life to this disease so I know how brain cancer affects an entire family. It is not easy. That the organizers chose this walk to raise brain cancer awareness is a wonderful thing and shows their commitment to not only holding a fun event but to do something inspirational at the same time.

The New Jersey Zombie Walk is rain or shine so no excuses. Lumber towards Asbury Park on Saturday and join the walk to save brains!

Check out our article from earlier this week for the full day’s schedule.

Zombie Walk organizer Jason Meehan took some time out of his extremely busy schedule this week to answer a few questions for us.

This year’s theme is Zombies vs. Brain Cancer to help raise awareness of the disease. How did this come about?

My partner in planning the Zombie Walk, Mariel Alguacil, lost her mother early this year to brain cancer after a 2 year battle with the disease. We decided then that we wanted to do some good with the help of the crowd that comes to the Zombie Walk each year.

What can walkers do to help?

They can come to the Zombie Walk and have fun! Most of our souvenir merch this year is grey, and some of the proceeds will be going to Camp Jinka – a Monmouth County based non-profit that hosts a summer camp program every year for children who’s families are living with the diagnosis of a brain tumor.

There are some new features for this walk including Haunted Hall and Blood Red Fireworks. What can you tell us about them?

The Haunted Hall is being presented by Towne Square Media – it officially opens October 10th but they’re letting the Zombie Walk crowd in early for a sneak peek at Asbury’s first haunted attraction since Palace Amusements closed down! There will be 2 sessions during the day, and zombies will be given a huge discount on admission to the haunt! After the Walk we’re hosting an all blood red fireworks display on the beach at 7:45!

What is it about Asbury Park that makes it the perfect place to hold the walk each year?
For me it’s the long history, combined with the modern and quite diverse and artistic culture that has revived the city in the last 15 years. The city really has survived its own apocalypse!
You have seen a ton of zombie costumes. What is one costume idea that you are surprised you haven’t seen yet?
I’d love to see a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s 2’ zombie with a harpoon through his head and a boombox to make him do his zombie walk!
If there was a zombie outbreak how do you think you would fare?
Hahahahahaha, I’m not a very fast runner – so depending on where I am when the outbreak starts I may be in trouble!


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