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by Ed Magdziak • December 26, 2014 • Burger Mania, Food, HudsonComments (0)3291

With Alice out of town for the holiday it fell to Don and I to cover food for the week. And when we think food burgers is always near the top of our list. We have been wanting to check out Bareburger for a while but hadn’t had the chance. The afternoon of Christmas Eve seemed like good time to head to Edgewater to sample the burgers here. I know what you’re saying, “Wouldn’t traffic be awful in Edgewater on Christmas Eve?” You would be right. However it was worth the trip. These burgers are good.

Bareburger-1The interior is quite modern and clean, yet cozy at the same time. It is similar in decor to fairly new places like Zinburger and The Counter, both in Clifton. However I like Bareburger’s ambiance better. In fact, the chain has a commitment to sustainability in their design and it shows. On to the burgers.

Bareburger-7Don chose the Supreme burger that was a beefburger topped with colby, country bacon, onion rings, chopped fries on a brioche bun. The burger reminded him of Elevation Burger. He enjoyed it. The bacon had a really good taste but all those topping were a bit overwhelming. Next time he would order a simpler burger to really taste the beef.

Bareburger-8I was a little more adventurous in my choice. I opted for the Grindhouse burger which is elk instead of beef. This was elaborately topped with country bacon, piquafite relish, green leaf and paprika mayo on a brioche bun. Elk is a leaner option and if you’re looking to save some calories it is quite flavorful. All the toppings on the burger worked well together and I liked the kick the paprika mayo gave it. Very tasty.

Bareburger-5Bareburger-6The onion rings were really enjoyable with the seasoned, thick coating. And they passed my ultimate onion ring test. When you bite into them the onion doesn’t slide out of the coating. The fries were cooked perfectly and had a nice outside crispiness.

Bareburger-4All the burgers are free range and hormonal free. If you don’t like their special burgers there is a create-your-own option. Though we only tried the burgers there are many other choices. Salads, sandwiches, chicken tenders, vegatarian options like the black bean burger and even dessert.

The prices are a little higher than your run of the mill burger joint but it is in line with similar upscale fast food establishments. The crew was friendly and the place has a cool vibe. Definitely worth checking out.

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