Jersey Pizza Co., Wood-Ridge, Review

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Nothing says New Jersey like delicious pizza. So what better name for a new restaurant in Wood-Ridge with delicious pizza than Jersey Pizza Co.? A friend told us about this new place and we are glad she did.

We started off with a few slices to see what their crust was like and to try a few different topping combinations.


The stand-out slice for me was the white pizza.  Absolutely covered in ricotta with some mozzarella tucked in here and there and olive oil sprinkled over it, this was a slice I could die happy over.  It was probably the best white pizza I’ve ever had, bar none.


The sausage, pepper and onions slice was very good but I felt could have used a little more sausage.


Ed’s favorite slice was buffalo chicken. A chunk of chopped breaded chicken in every bite, mozzarella and blue cheeses, with buffalo sauce drizzled all over it.  It was excellent.

These slices all came with an excellent crust so we knew we were going to be happy with the full pies we ordered.  The crusts were very tender and doughy on the inside and yet crisp on the outside.  It was almost a conundrum how this crust could hold up all those heavy toppings.  It’s SO tender that it feels like it should bow to the weight of the meat and cheese but that crackery outer layer is just hard enough to keep a point on a slice.  It was really, really good crust!

We came for the Breakfast Anytime pie and we weren’t disappointed.  Why haven’t we had a Taylor Ham pizza before?


On the way home, Ed said he wanted to go back the next day for this pie again.  That’s a sure sign of a happy customer!  It’s a simple pizza with cheddar and jack cheeses, slices of Taylor Ham (no pork roll on the menu, this is north Jersey…) and many sunny side up eggs.  We were eating the first few bites of each slice and then dipping the crusts in all that eggy goodness.

Lots of people eat leftover pizza for breakfast but this is a breakfast pizza for any time of the day.

We also ordered a plain pie to see what that was like.  Of course, it was delicious.  Again, the crust here is so doughy and yet crisp.  I just love it!  Regular pizzas come with their Grandma Millie’s Secret Sauce and locally sourced fresh mozzarella.


I liked that the mozzarella was lightly dotted all over.  Big dollops of it are too hard to bite through and get a clean piece.  These little drops were easy to bite through and made for an enjoyable piece of pizza every time.

There are so many things we want to try from their menu that we’re bound to be heading back there soon.  Grandma Millie’s Homemade Meatballs were calling my name but Ed didn’t want to order them when we were on a pizza mission.  We’re definitely coming back for those.  They also have another Jersey classic on the menu:  grease truck sandwiches!  Lots of great looking appetizers and other sandwiches and Italian entrees are there to try, too.


This is their Grand Opening month so they’re having all kinds of specials.  Get over to Wood-Ridge tonight!  It’s easy to get to right off Route 17.


We even sampled some Fried Oreos!


Hot and melty Oreo filling with crunchy fried dough and powdered sugar outside.  You can’t top a pizza night any better!

Check out all the pics from our visit to Jersey Pizza Co. here:

Jersey Pizza Co.

200 Hackensack St., Wood-Ridge


Sunday- Thursday 11am to 10pm 
Friday & Saturday 11am to 11pm

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