White Castle Introduces Limited Time Only Veggie Slider – We Tried it so You Don’t Have To

by Alice Magdziak • January 2, 2015 • Burger Mania, FoodComments (0)2755

We like veggie burgers every once in a while at home for dinner and our favorite ones are from Dr. Praeger’s line.

We also like White Castle about as much as we like veggie burgers.  There’s a White Castle on the way out of Asbury Park that we visit for a late-night dinner after shows at Asbury Lanes or The Saint. You can guess how excited we were to hear that Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers were making a limited time appearance at White Castle for 99¢ each!


They appear to be deep-fried which isn’t ideal, health-wise, but that does make them extra crispy!  You can get them plain or with honey mustard, Thai chili or ranch sauces.  We tried to order one plain, one with honey mustard and one with Thai chili but ours ended up with honey mustard on all of them.  Luckily, the honey mustard wasn’t overpowering and complimented the veggie burgers well.

We scraped as much of the honey mustard off as possible and had a side of Thai chili which we’d asked for to put on one of the sandwiches.


I think honey mustard did end up being my favorite which was good since all of ours came with it on there.  Thai chili was a little too sweet on a burger that needs some tang or acid to zest it up.

All in all, would we get the veggie burgers again?  Possibly.  I love their Fish Nibblers but they aren’t a popular product so they can take a long time to wait for at the drive through.  Knowing that veggie burgers are another option, I might get them again.  Ed loves the original sliders too much to bother getting anything else.

The good thing is, if you’re out with a group that includes a vegetarian or two, you can now add White Castle to the list of options where the non-meat eaters won’t be relegated to eating side dishes.  We’ve even read that White Castle is working on making their buns vegan so that your vegan friends will also be able to join you at the Castle soon!

Here are all the pics from our visit to the White Castle on Broadway in Newark.

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