Dads Comes Back to NJ to Play at Asbury Lanes

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Originally from Piscataway, Dads is one of our favorite New Jersey bands who’ve sadly (for us) moved away.  Ann Arbor, Michigan is their home now. They came back to New Jersey last night and played a great set at Asbury Lanes. Dads-9

Drummer and vocalist, John Bradley, nailed some of their most emotion-filled songs. He was more talkative in between songs than I remember from previous shows.  Maybe it was the homecoming vibe.  John talked with the crowd about the merits of Stop & Shop versus Shoprite and QuickChek versus Wawa.  Luckily, Ed and I agreed with his assessments of both sets of stores.


We can’t be mad at them for moving to Ann Arbor.  It’s totally awesome there.  Home to University of Michigan, there’s a small city college vibe but with the affordable prices of the midwest.  We have a friend who lives in the area and works in the amazing People’s Food Co-Op there.  We visit him anytime we possibly can because it’s such a great place.

Dads played us a mix of songs from the new album, I’ll Be the Tornado, and older music.  Ed and I both got to hear our favorite songs (Chewing Ghosts and Boat Rich) so they didn’t know it but we got what we came for.

I was hoping that they’d introduce their new bassist, Ryan, but he kind of remained in the shadows on the side of the stage. Regardless, their live show is very much enhanced by the addition of his bass.

I can’t wait for them to come back through New Jersey again.  We’ll get to see them at Skate and Surf this May.

Check out all our pics from Dads’ set at the Lanes:

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