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by Donald Hanson • February 28, 2015 • Movie ReviewsComments (0)1902


Before going to see ‘Focus’ on Saturday I saw an article online on how it was underperforming at the box-office. This was understandable considering that the commercials didn’t look very interesting and I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be that good. It looked like a formula Hollywood movie. I think that plus the fact that Smith’s last film, ‘After Earth’ left a bad taste in their mouths. This is sad because as I discovered, this is a seriously good movie.

A film about con artists, ‘Focus’ is entertaining, funny and engrossing. The movie itself is a con artist, playing you and shocking you with twists and turns that don’t see coming. Smith is perfect as the lead. He always plays these types of characters well because he is very believable as someone who is an expert in his field and has figured everything out. As a reference to his previous film, he is like the ‘Hitch’ of Con men. He effortlessly leads the audience through the story. Margot Robbie, hot off of The Wolf of Wallstreet. knows how to use her sex appeal to great effect. However she is a complete character here as well with angles and complexities that you don’t notice at first glance. Adrian Martinez brings the humor as Smith’s friend and co-con artist.

The scenes where the cons are being pulled are slickly filmed, informative and amazing to watch. And the film has an great look with spectacular lighting, cinematography and style. There was just one con that I figured out before it was revealed but the rest surprised me and I’m no longer used to being surprised so I was very impressed.

My advice : Don’t miss this excellent movie just because you think that Will Smith hasn’t had a hit in awhile. This deserves to be one.

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