Movie Review – The Lazarus Effect

by Donald Hanson • March 5, 2015 • Movie ReviewsComments (0)1530


It’s more like the Lazyrus Effect. This is one of the laziest horror movies I have ever seen. What we have here is a movie that could have been so much more.

We have all the solid elements that you need including :

1. A capable cast including Olivia Wilde and Evan Peters.

2. The great concept of what happens if you bring people back to life.

3. An overall competent style and look.

While we get a strong performance from Olivia Wilde and Evan Peters bringing his signature offbeat style, they are barely given anything to do. The plot is thin and the backstory is weak. And the relationship between Olivia Wilde and her estranged boyfriend is very poorly developed.

This film hasn’t got enough of anything tone, scares, interesting story and as a result is also extremely short and feels like it. It is pretty bland overall and lacks any real tension or excitement.

With all of the material they had to work with it is very disappointing that this movie couldn’t have been better

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