Remembering Our Friend and Sportswriter, Nick Barritta

by Alice Magdziak • March 22, 2015 • Jersey Folk, Sports & LeisureComments (0)2787

This weekend we honored the too-short life of our dear friend Nick Barritta at a service in Florham Park. Nick began as Ed’s co-worker but with his quick wit, unlimited energy and devotion to his family he quickly became so much more than a co-worker.

He had an unparalleled love and knowledge of sports. He was a two-time champion as 56Giant in our fantasy football league. He wrote us funny and insightful articles about New Jersey sports and personalities. His insights on Plaxico Burress, football, hockey and basketball news were smart.  His MLB Opening Day article was great. His baseball series “Voice of the Bleachers,” and especially his football previews, game reviews and playoff coverage in 2010 and 2011 made our first first few years in existence better and more wide-ranging.
His love for New Jersey and especially the Morris County area where he grew up gave us innumerable article ideas and delicious meals. Nick loved to take us to the best out-of-the-way places for delicious tacos, cheap wings and amazing pizza. Friday summer lunches when Ed and Nick got out early from work and I could take my lunch break to join them were the co-worker interactions that I sorely miss as a home-based employee. Trips to Hot Grill, Rutt’s Hut and especially Krug’s Tavern won’t be the same without Nick watching the clock for his ride home.
He was devoted to his children and did whatever it took to spend whatever time he could with them. Nick touched so many parts of our lives that it’s impossible to think that life will ever go back to normal. Thankfully, we have lots of great memories of him in our lives.
Rest in peace, my friend.

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