Wreaths, gods, Silverbird & Roy Orbitron at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park – Photo Gallery

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We had been looking forward to this Wonder Bar show from the day it was announced. Two of our favorite area bands along with our friends Roy Orbitron and Brooklyn’s Silverbird were on the bill so we marked our calendar right away. The night, presented by Dark City Entertainment, did not disappoint.

First up was Trenton based band Roy Orbitron. They opened the night with their unique folk-tinged rock and roll played with a bit of an edge. Their latest album Elston Allen Gunnn is a bluesy, rollicking listen and the songs translate well live. It will be interesting to see where lead singer and guitarist Conor Meara takes the band next. You can help him with the next project, a full length album, as the band has a PledgeMusic campaign.


Next up were Brooklyn band Silverbird. I wasn’t familiar with them but came away impressed with their straight-ahead, no nonsense rock and roll.  They have a Kickstarter going to record their second album Pureland and are close to their goal. Here’s hoping they make it.


gods were handing out numbered copies of their awesome EP Endless Stunner. Their 60s influenced garage rock is one on the freshest sounds coming out of the Asbury Park scene and the music had more than a couple of people dancing. Paul Ritchie told us the band has been very busy lately and gods has some more EPs set to go later this year. Exciting news.


Wreaths always puts on such a great set. We’ve seen them a number of times and I still get transfixed watching them onstage. They put on quite a light show for this set utilizing two overhead projectors. Using glass plates of various sizes, a couple of their friends applied liquid colors to the plates and then spun them to create a psychedelic effect. The band played songs off last year’s stunning self-titled album as well as some newer stuff they have been working on. It made for an incredible aural and visual experience.


For the last song of the evening gods Paul Ritchie and Sam Bey joined Wreaths on stage a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless”. It was great to see two of the most original Asbury Park area bands together on stage to round out an amazing night of music.

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Full photo gallery of this amazing show is below.

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