Musician Jack Jaguar Working on Greatest Hits Compilation for Summer Release

by Alice Magdziak • April 1, 2015 • Holiday, MusicComments (0)1681

America’s favorite kitty crooner, Jack Jaguar, is hard at work choosing his favorite songs for a Greatest Hits CD.  Why now?  He says that he wants fans to be able to beat the “dog days” of summer with his sweet cat crooning.  He thinks this CD will sure to be a hit this summer and for years to come.

Who can forget his most famous and beloved songs?  Adored by fans for years, Jaguar is completely remastering all his original recordings to get crisp new sounds and even more depth from his fan favorites.

In case you aren’t familiar with Jack Jaguar, his influences over the years have been John Cougar Mellencamp, Cat Power, The Stray Cats, Cat Stevens and Def Leppard. He’s a shy guy with a velvety voice that makes all the ladies melt.


Sure to be included on the Greatest Hits album coming this summer are:

Empty Bowl Blues – Hunger brings out the pain in his voice.  You can hear just how long it’s been since breakfast in this Jaguar classic.

Cans – Jack shows off his guitar-playing skills in this homage to Flight of the Bumble Bee.  Any Jaguar fan worth their salt knows that this instrumental starts off all his live shows.

Tweeters Outside My Window – Jack Jaguar has a love/hate relationship with those birds outside.  He loves to watch but hates to see them flying around.

Iris – A love song for the ages. Jack sings so beautifully about the love of his life, Sweet Iris.

You’re a Mean Old Bug-Scratchin’ Dog (Chompie) – His first Top Ten hit, Jack really gives it to the dog who lives next door.  Irreverent and light-hearted, children especially love to sing along to their favorite song, Chompie.

Mahwah – He loves his hometown so much that even when he’s not on stage he’s singing the praises of Mahwah.  He closes every show with this emotional anthem about the town that made him the tom cat he is today.

Hair Ball Hangover – Sometimes the hair ball sticks in your craw and sometimes you stick it to the hair ball.  This deep cut from Jaguar’s first Platinum CD, ‘Cat Scratch Feeder,’ has become a cult classic that fans beg for during every encore.

Look for Jack Jaguar’s Greatest Hits on and iTuna soon and you can catch him live at the Pussycat Lounge in Red Bank next month!

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