Things to Do… for Cats

by Alice Magdziak • April 1, 2015 • Events, HolidayComments (0)1705

What’s the bored house cat to do on his or her day off?  Here are some suggestions.

1. You can visit the handsome fellow feline you see above at the museum at Tuckerton Seaport.

2. Sleeping in human-provided beds is recommended for those days when you need to put your paws up, forget about work and just get some quality shut eye.

3. Have you checked out a cardboard box recently?  It’s like being in a boat without the sea-sickness and ugly sailor costumes.  Minutes of fun can come from sitting in a box, large or small.  If you live with a cat partner, you can also play fight over who gets to be in the box.  Try out a box in between naps.  A gift bag makes a nice resting place, too!


4. Take a self-defense class.  Rocking chairs are every cat’s worst enemy. Learn tips and tricks for keeping your tail up high and safe from those evil chairs.

5. Have you considered hairball sculpture?  Turn those pesky hairballs into something beautiful for the whole family.

6. The Stray Cats are on tour and that doesn’t just mean there are cats by the dumpster outside.  Brian Setzer and his Stray Cats may be humans but they can do a mean Stray Cat Strut.

7. Take a nap on the couch.

8. Spend some time to really focus on getting that red dot.  Think of it as light cardio for the feline fitness enthusiast.  Take a class in red dot techniques to learn all the latest moves for finally catching that thing.

9. Litter box gardening.  Humans don’t empty that litter box often enough?  Start growing catnip in there and have fresh nip all year round.

10. See if you can sleep all day.


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