You Don’t Know Cats – The Readers Have Spoken

by Alice Magdziak • April 1, 2015 • HolidayComments (0)1708

The internet is crazy for cats and so are we!  We’re pivoting the focus of our site and will now deliver the most up-to-date cat information we can find.

Our website, formerly known as You Don’t Know Jersey, turns five years old in May.  In the interest of seeing how we are doing, we polled our readers and asked what they’d like more of and what we should eliminate all together.  We were surprised to learn that our friends and readers really didn’t need any more news, photos and events focused on New Jersey!  What they really want now is news, photos and events based on cats. No more local shopping articles, no more fun events to tell you about and certainly no more hot dog tours or movie reviews.  Cats don’t like any of those things.  From now on, it will be cat nip hiakus, canned food vs. dry food debates, tail cleaning tips and bird reviews.

Today alone, you can read about cat musician Jack Jaguar’s upcoming CD, check out Things to Do for Cats and even donate to our Cat Charity of the Month.

As you can no doubt see, we are still transitioning from New Jersey news to all cats all the time.  Please forgive our appearance this April while we work to get rid of our Garden State material and begin writing our cat articles. By May, our official Five Year Anniversary, we’ll be fully feline!

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we transition!

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