National Burger Month and the ‘You Don’t Know Jersey Burger’

by Alice Magdziak • May 10, 2015 • Bergen, Burger Mania, Events, FoodComments (0)2255

We’re one-third of the way through May today and that means you have two-thirds left to get over to Steve’s Burgers in Garfield for a You Don’t Know Jersey burger.

Steve’s is closed on Sundays but I am sure mom wouldn’t mind waiting until tomorrow for you to buy her one for her Mother’s Day lunch. We know moms like it. We brought Ed’s mom to try it last week and she loved it!


What’s on a YDKJ Burger?  Well, since it’s in Bergen County, we decided there should be some Taylor ham on there.  But, to be inclusive of our South Jersey readers, we wanted a piece of pork roll on there, too.  You can’t have a burger with Taylor ham and pork roll and not include cheese.

So, we’ve got:


Taylor Ham




Pork Roll



And, trust us.  It’s the best burger you’ve ever eaten.  It’s the You Don’t Know Jersey Burger and it’s only going to be available in May for National Burger Month.

Steve’s Burgers is right on Route 46 in Garfield.  GPS gets confused by Route 46 often so use this address to find them:  99 Dye Ave., Garfield.

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