Our Top Ten (OK, maybe Eleven) NJ Burgers – National Burger Month 2015 Coming to an End

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This has been an exciting National Burger Month for us.  We got a burger named after us at one of our favorite burger places of all time!  In case you’ve been hiding out for the entire month of May, you may not have heard of the ‘You Don’t Know Jersey Burger’ at Steve’s Burgers in Garfield.


Steve’s Burgers makes the best burgers in New Jersey, if you ask us.  And, with their addition of the YDKJ burger to their menu this month we’re doubling down on that statement.  We’ve never had a better burger in the whole United States!

But, what are our other favorite NJ burgers, you ask?  Here they are (not ranked):

Krug’s Tavern – Newark: Krug’s Tavern has, hands down, the best calamari in the state.  And, their burgers are close to the best, too.  Big, juicy burger on a nice Portuguese roll with minimal fuss over the toppings.

Burger Walla – Newark: This new comer to the burger game has already made our top ten for their different varieties of burgers.  Shrimp burgers. Lamb burgers. Chicken burgers. Beef burgers.  They’re all great here!


Boom Burger – Rochelle Park: You want a BIG burger with lots of toppings in a fun sports bar atmosphere?  Boom Burger is your place.  Right off the Parkway on Route 4, these burgers are loaded with delicious toppings and come with really amazing fries, too.  This is the perfect place to watch whatever “big game” is on this weekend. They now have a second location in Mahwah.

25 Burgers – Bound Brook: Speaking of toppings…  25 Burgers has exactly 25 topping combinations ready for you that are all pretty great.  There are a few 25 Burgers around now but we reviewed the Bound Brook location.  We’ve been to other locations and they’re equally as exciting.

Chili Chili Burger, Pulled Pork Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries

25 Burger’s Chili Chili Burger, Pulled Pork Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries

Nutley Diner – Nutley: Our favorite classic diner style burger is definitely Nutley Diner’s version.  Giant burger on a big toasted bun with a heap of fries for the Burger Deluxe of our dreams. They also serve a burger on an English muffin which is a nice option.

Lucky’s Steak Plate – Fair Lawn: Ed’s a sucker for the breakfast burger and Lucky’s Steak Plate has the best one he’s ever had.  They really know how to season and grill meat to perfection. And, the Taylor Ham and fried egg were both cooked just right, too.  That egg yolk got all over everything and it was totally worth it.


Committed Pig – Manasquan: Committed Pig wants to talk about bacon but their turkey burger special at Thanksgiving is our favorite turkey burger of all time!  Moist and tender turkey with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce…  it was Thanksgiving all over again when we tried it last year.

Positivitea – Verona: Our favorite veggie burger was this behemoth called the Big Wac at Positivitea. Fashioned to look and taste exactly like the famous burger from that clown’s restaurant, this double black bean patty burger was completely vegan and absolutely delicious.  I’m not even a big fan of the burger it’s copying but I’ve already come back for more Big Wacs.  Why not make some of those trips to satisfy a burger craving a little  healthier with this burger?


Smashburger – Multiple Locations Throughout NJ: Smashburger is nearly ubiquitous throughout the state now but once upon a time, they were newcomers to the area.  They’re still our favorite chain restaurant burger. I love everything about the Classic Smashburger.  You get a choice of buns and the egg bun is soft and chewy as is the multi-grain bun (which is hard to do with whole grains) and doesn’t fall apart as you make your way through the burger.  The meat is just the right amount for me.  I don’t like burgers with tons of meat, I like to taste the toppings and be able to eat it without a ton of it falling apart.  The sauce and meat are so salty and delicious.  Toppings are always fresh.  Simply fantastic.

Circus Drive In – Wall Township: We drove by the giant Circus Drive In and kept finding it closed.  One day, we finally caught it in the summer when it was open and were rewarded with a patty melt that nearly melted my brain with taste.  Perfectly portioned out onions, cheese and meat in between some really great bread, this burger is our favorite patty melt around NJ.

Circus Drive In 7

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