The Official 2nd Annual Pork Roll Festival Was a Winner – Photo Gallery

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On a beautiful Saturday morning crowds began arriving early in eager anticipation of the Official 2nd Annual Pork Roll Festival in Trenton. The venue this year was Mill Hill Park and it was the perfect setting for the event. Wide open spaces with many areas to sit down and enjoy some great dishes with the Trenton delicacy as the main focus.


There were many food trucks and vendors offering their spin on using pork roll as an ingredient in their usual dishes. Our favorites this year included the Awesome PB+J from the PBandU truck which consisted of peanut butter, grape jelly, cream cheese, and pork roll served on a big roll. The salty meat added just enough punch to this traditional sandwich to take it to the next level.


Another of our favorites was the Salmon Burger from the Surf and Turf truck. A salmon burger with citrus kale, pineapple and pork roll.


They served a mean chilled lobster and pork roll taco as well.


In addition to the food there were lots more to enjoy. A beer garden, the pork roll recipe contest, the Pork Roll Queen contest, face painting and more. Jenna Pizzi, author of The Pork Roll Cookbook, was also on hand signing copies of her book.


This family tried the pork roll pierogi offered by The Pie’d Piper Pie Shop.  We weren’t brave enough to stand in line for long enough to get them.  Luckily, the Pie Shop has a booth at the Trenton Farmers Market every Wednesday through Sunday so we hope to try them soon, without the lines.


Whole Foods had a food truck set up with their Vincenza pork roll offerings.  We tried their Mac n Cheese N Pork Roll and it was delicious!  We reviewed their artisan pork roll when it first came out so we couldn’t wait to try it in other dishes.


Saturday was declared Pork Roll Day by Trenton’s mayor Eric Jackson and there certainly were more than enough reasons why. In addition to this event the day saw the Trenton Pork Roll Festival at the Trenton Social and the Trenton Vegan Pork Roll Festival. However for us the Official 2nd Annual Pork Roll Festival was the place to be. Time to start planning for next year’s festival!

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