7th Annual Paterson Art Walk Held This Weekend

by Alice Magdziak • June 14, 2015 • Arts & Entertainment, Events, PassaicComments (0)2022

We really enjoyed last year’s Paterson Art Walk but the appearance of the the famous Alexander’s mural this year made this weekend’s Art Walk even more special.  There’s still time to head to Paterson on Sunday from 11:00am to 7:00pm to see the mural and thousands of other pieces of art up and down Spruce Street in Paterson.

We wrote about the Alexander’s mural yesterday so you can click over there to read more about it.  Here are a few pictures again just to remind you of how cool it is.




We’d be remiss to not tell you about some of the other cool stuff happening there, too!

The Art Factory buildings themselves are pretty magnificent.  Old brick and rusted machines are a really neat showcase for all types of art.  Check these shots out of the hallways and facade.




We loved this whole room of art but only a few of them were labeled so we’re not sure if they’re all from Enrique Alvarado but at least some of them are.


These were some pretty cool masks and airplane sculpture in an industrial art section.



We really liked these light up dioramas of Paterson and other cities by M.J. Mitchell.


This sculpture really got us looking close to see how all the pieces were stuck together.


Ian Grinyer of the Ivanhoe Artist Mosaic had some beautiful Paterson Falls art on display.  The Ivanhoe Artist Mosaic is just down the street from the Art Factory and has more art on display this weekend, too. In between the Ivanhoe and the Art Factory, the Paterson Museum has their big side doors open so people walking by can see some of the rich history of Paterson inside.  The whole Spruce Street area is alive with history and art this weekend!


We really liked David Leibowitz’ art and the work of other iPad and iPhone artists on display through his gallery, Mobile Digital Art & More. The gallery is in Boonton and we’re definitely going to be visiting it soon so stay tuned for an article all about this cutting edge art space.


There was a ton of art to see all over The Art Factory and other venues along Spruce in Paterson but we’ll leave you with this mural and a photo gallery.


Check out all the pictures from our visit to The Art Factory and the Paterson Art Walk. Then head over to Paterson on Sunday to check it out yourself!

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