Chevy Lopez, Paper Streets, YJY at Wonder Bar Happy Mondays Show – Photo Gallery

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Alice and I headed to Asbury Park’s Wonder Bar a few days ago for their Happy Mondays show and were treated to a fantastic night of music. We had been looking forward to this one for a long time. Every Monday the free show, presented by Dark City Entertainment and Promotions, has a great bill but as we had been recently covering two of the bands, Paper Streets and YJY, we were particularly keyed up for this one. The night—and bands—did not disappoint.


We were unfamiliar with opening act Chevy Lopez but they impressively won the crowd over pretty quickly with their brand of soulful funk. The Brooklyn band definitely made a few fans this evening. Lead vocalist Lexi Todd has a great stage presence and a strong, smooth voice. The band were no slouches either. They were tight as hell and played the sometimes complex, soul and funk grooves easily.


You Don’t Know Jersey had just premiered Paper Streets new song “Under the Weather” earlier that day and we were thrilled to hear it in person later that evening. It was guitarist Stephen Stec’s birthday but he gave us the gift. (Corny, sorry.) To continue, we saw them live for the first time recently at Court Tavern in New Brunswick and really enjoyed their indie pop influenced by some of my favorite alternative bands of the 80s. Each new song from these guys just gets better and better. Lucky for us they are heading into the studio soon, too.


YJY is a band on the verge of something big. I just get that feeling from them. Like a wave about to break on the Asbury beachfront. There is a buzz about the band and they continue to win new fans at every show. There are a lot of bands that get super hyped up before their first releases and don’t quite live up to it. Not so here. They are about to release their debut EP and they played some of the new tracks at the show. If what we’ve heard is any indication it is going to be on a lot of “Best Of” lists at the end of the year.

Full pics below.

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