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We’ve been to Lucky’s Steak Plate in Fair Lawn quite a few times ever since we reviewed it in late 2014. That became obvious when they opened a second location in Clifton and the waitstaff recognized us when we came into the Clifton store. Now, that’s service! Our server, Vanessa, even took a selfie with me.


Lucky’s took over the beloved Midtown Grill in Clifton when Midtown’s owners put the place up for sale. They’ve honored the past restaurant by keeping it in the name. Lucky’s Midtown Grill has all the great dishes that we love in Fair Lawn and a few dishes that we actually thought were better!


Their Breakfast Burger is so good that it made our Top Ten (Eleven, Actually) Burgers list in May.  Perfectly grilled burger with Taylor ham, cheese and an over easy egg.  That drippy egg with the salty pork roll is just delightful. It doesn’t hurt that they use the best meat in New Jersey for the burger, either. Pat LaFrieda makes a fantastic mix of ground beef for some of the best burgers we’ve ever had.  Clifton’s version of this superstar burger was equally as good as Fair Lawn’s.


Their Philly Cheesesteaks are also top notch. They use thin-sliced Ribeye steak and you have a choice of cheeses (American, Provolone, Swiss, Mozzarella or Whiz). You can also add lots of different toppings to your cheesesteak (hot or sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, french fries or home fries) or order one of their pre-selected topping combos.


Ready to head over to Clifton yet?  Wait til you see these chili fries!


Unbelievably, the chili at Lucky’s Midtown Grill was even better than their Fair Lawn location! Both chilis were chock full of great ground beef and lots of tomato but Clifton’s chili had a little sweetness that made the best topping for perfectly made french fries.  You simply have to try this chili.

Another item that we thought was really expertly made was the order of wings.


The medium sauce was just the right amount of heat for what we think medium should be. Some places’ medium hot sauce offerings are a little weak but this was nice and spicy. The wings were really big and really crispy, too! The fry cook in the back at Clifton really knows what they’re doing. If you like it hotter they have a sauce for you too.


The Slaw Dog was also perfectly deep-fried and topped with yummy cole slaw. Some places use too much mayo in the slaw, but not here.

Check out all the pictures from our visit to Lucky’s Midtown Grill:

Lucky’s Midtown Grill

1218 Main Ave., Clifton

Open 7 days a week 8am to 10pm


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