7th Annual YDKJ Hot Dog Tour: Teaneck Doghouse, Teaneck

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The Teaneck Doghouse has a lot of things going for it. It’s the only Kosher sports bar and restaurant in Bergen County. They have a wide variety of sports bar type foods on the menu. And, they have some really great specials. We were only there to try the hot dogs, though, since we’re in the middle of our Seventh Annual YDKJ Hot Dog Tour.


I was really excited to try these hot dogs and the actual hot dogs inside the buns we really thought were great.  They have a classic frankfurter,  a chipotle hot dog, Italian sausage, knockwurst sausage, garlic salami sausage and a tofu sausage. We did have some trouble though…

We tried four different dogs and the special topping combo that’s recommended on the menu for each of the four. You can also do a Build Your Own dog.


First up, we had a Wrigley Dog which was a knockwurst sausage topped with white onion, relish,
peppers, celery salt and yellow mustard on a brioche bun. It was a nice take on the classic Chicago dog taste. The buns gave us trouble on every sandwich we got.  More on those buns later.  The Wrigley’s bun was less of a problem because of the lack of a really wet topping.


Next, we tried the PAC 10 Dog which was garlic salami sausage topped with sauteed onion, chopped romaine, fresh tomato and avocado. The sausage was the real star here.  Intensely flavored and gave a nice crisp crunch to each bite.  My main problem here was (again) the bun that fell apart as soon as something wet hit it but also there were a ton of onions.  I pushed more than half the onions off this and it was still a lot of onions.  OK, that’s not really a terrible problem but when it happened on both the dogs I ordered, it seemed worth mentioning.


The Futbol Dog was a chipotle hot dog with chili, chopped onion, salsa and avocado. We’re staying with the theme of most of our order on this one. I absolutely LOVED the chipotle hot dog which was pleasantly spicy and a nice big dog. I had the onion trouble on this dog, too.  You can see in this picture that there are a normal amount of avocado pieces and a giant pile of onions underneath. The chili tasted really nice and homemade but the instant it got near the bun it turned all the bread into a soggy mess.  For a few bites, I had two pieces of bun like a hot dog sandwich.  Then, the bun just fully disintegrated and I ended up shoveling pieces of the sandwich together.  Such a shame because it was so delicious!


Finally, we tried the Rutgers Dog which had an Italian beef sausage topped with red apple salsa fresca. It could have been a little spicier to our taste but the sausage was juicy and the salsa was flavorful. Note, also, the large amount of onions again.

In the future when we come back, we’re definitely going to try the classic bun for some dogs.  That, and the large onion servings, were our only complaints about the hot dogs at Teaneck Doghouse.  And, yes, we’d definitely come back despite our troubles.  If we had friends who kept Kosher, we’d definitely recommend the Doghouse.  If we had friends with families who were looking for great food specials in a family atmosphere but Mom and Dad can still get a few drinks, we’d definitely recommend the Doghouse.  Look at their Facebook page for weekly specials.  We’d just suggest they ask for a different bun and light onions.

Check out all the pictures from our visit to Teaneck Doghouse:

Teaneck Doghouse

1415 Palisade Ave., Teaneck


Kitchen Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 11:30am – 11:00pm
Friday 11:30am – 2:00pm
Saturday 7:00pm – 12:00am

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