Cutting the Cord on Cable

by Alice Magdziak • August 5, 2015 • Arts & EntertainmentComments (0)1315

Last week, the superintendent of our condo complex came to the door and told us that the landscapers reported slicing through a cord that looked like it was coaxial in nature outside our window.  Upon starting up various devices, we determined that they’d sliced through the cable to our bedroom TV.  Easy enough to call the cable company and have them splice it back together.

But, it got us thinking…  how much do we really watch cable shows and are they doing anything to improve our lives that wouldn’t be better served by saving the $107 we spend on cable subscriptions for both TVs.

Well, yesterday we made it official and cancelled our cable service.  We still have internet through them so we’re not Comcast-free but internet service is much more important to us.  I work from home for my day job and, of course, we write all our articles here using our home service.  We’d sooner get rid of our cars or cell phones before we cancelled the internet.

We have a few friends who’ve done the same over the last year and we know that they aren’t out of the loop or uninformed on important topics because of the lack of cable channels so it wasn’t exactly uncharted territory.  Plus, we still have access to millions of hours of entertainment via Netflix and Amazon Prime.

I did buy a TV antenna because a quick channel search on our living room TV showed that we didn’t have a built in antenna.  It could be helpful at some point to have some local news or PBS. So, I’ll buy a $39.99 item and still save money that first month that we’re not paying Comcast almost $200.  We should be down to about $75 which seems adequate for the amount of internet we use.  It’s also a quality connection.  I’ve never had a complaint about our internet.  The only problem we’ve ever had with connectivity was with our wireless routers throughout the years.

So, here’s to many more hours of reading, writing and talking instead of mindlessly searching for the new episode of some sitcom that doesn’t even make me laugh all that much.

Have you ever thought about cutting the cord?

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