Sunrise Over the Ocean in Asbury Park

by Ed Magdziak • August 3, 2015 • Arts & Entertainment, Counties, Monmouth, PhotographyComments (0)2666

My birthday fell on a weekend so we decided to head to one of our favorite towns for a little getaway. I like to sleep in when I am away from home but as is usual Alice likes to wake me up so we can head out into the cold morning to catch the sunrise. As always I am glad she did. No matter how many times I watch a sunrise it still is an exciting event.


There is always an interesting mix of folks out for the sunrise. There were some tour buses parked near the Convention Center and two roadie types were on the boardwalk waiting for the sun. There were a few fishermen near there as well.


A couple were on the beach with their young son with a photographer taking engagement pictures. A lone stand up paddle boarder was on the waves.


The sunrise is beautiful pretty much wherever you can catch it but seems especially so over the ocean. This is why I don’t mind waking up at 4;30 AM.

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