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by Ed Magdziak • November 13, 2015 • Arts & Entertainment, Music, PhotographyComments (0)1675

Last month we spent a few days with our friends New Jersey band The Front Bottoms touring four cities in the Midwest. We had a rare behind-the-scenes look at how much actual work goes into touring. To say it was fascinating would be an understatement. We wrote about what it was like traveling city to city.

What makes all the hard work of touring worth it? The shows. Here are our concert pics from the four cities.

First up was Detroit’s Majestic Theatre—no photo pit so I decided to work my way up to nearly the front of the stage. Despite being constantly jostled, hands in my face and dodging stage divers I managed to capture some decent images.



Next was Columbus and Skully’s Music-Diner—a smaller venue where most of my shots were from the side of the stage. The venue was awesome and despite the ban on stage diving the crowd was very into the show.



Cleveland’s Agora Theatre was a highlight for me and a concert photographer’s dream. To actually stand on the stage was a such a unique experience and offered me such a rare opportunity to view 1,800 fans going nuts from that perspective. My favorite photography moment of the tour happened at the Agora as lead singer Brian Sella threw his guitar in the air at the close of the show. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I swung my camera up and managed to fire off a few shots as the guitar made its decent. Amazing.



The last stop for us was Chicago and The Bottom Lounge. This was a special day for Alice and I as it was not only Halloween but also our anniversary. It is also one of Alice’s favorite cities in the U.S. so despite the impending sadness of our last show we had an incredible time.



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