Happy 228th Birthday, New Jersey!

by Alice Magdziak • December 18, 2015 • Third StateComments (0)1754

New Jersey is hardly “new” anymore but we think the state doesn’t look a day over 100!

On December 18th, 1787, New Jersey became the third state in the union to ratify the United States Constitution and thus gaining statehood on the same day. You can check out lots of the documents that made it all happen by going to the NJ State Department website.

The following people were in attendance.  If you pay attention to street names and historical places all over New Jersey, you’ll notice quite a few of these 1787 names!

Bergen County:
John Fell
Peter Zabriskie
Cornelius Hennion
Essex County:
John Chetwood
Samuel Hay
David Crane
Middlesex County:
John Neilson
John Beatty
Benjamin Manning
Monmouth County:
Elisha Lawrence
Samuel Breese
William Crawford
Somerset County:
John Witherspoon
Jacob R. Hardenbergh
Frederick Frelinghuysen
Burlington County:
Thomas Reynolds
George Anderson
Joshua M. Wallace
Gloucester County:
Richard Howell
Andrew Hunter
Benjamin Whitall
Salem County:
Whitten Cripps
Edmund Wetherby
Cape May County:
Jesse Hand
Jeremiah Eldredge
Matthew Whillden
Hunterdon County:
John Stevens
Hon. David Brearley
Joshua Corshon
Morris County:
William Windes
William Woodhull
John J. Faesch
Cumberland County:
David Potter
Jonathan Bowen
Eli Elmer
Sussex County:
Robert Ogden
Thomas Anderson
Robert Hoops

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