Movie Review – Ride Along 2

by Donald Hanson • February 13, 2016 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1822

A couple of years ago, the first Ride Along came out, was a decent comedy and was very successful. The new film attempts to bring us more of the same formula. The problem is that this installment has more of what made the first movie weak and less of what made it strong. It’s like they did the reverse of what they should have done.


Both Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are capable comedic performers with solid screen presence. And there are scenes and situations that work well in this film. The problem is that there is too much stuff that doesn’t work and falls flat.


Olivia Munn is probably the best thing about “Ride Along 2”, not just because she is ridiculously stunning but also because her character is mysterious. When these types of comedies introduce a new character, you never know if they are going to be a good guy or if they are the secret villain. It’s always hard to tell since the secret villain always looks totally like one of the good guys until the end. I am not going to tell you which she is as not knowing is one of the high points of the movie.


All in all, if you are a fan of Ice Cube or Kevin Hart you may find this film to be passable entertainment, but they are both capable of much better than this.

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