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Eating a meal inside a vintage traincar-style diner isn’t an everyday occurrence.  Except for the lucky residents around Glassboro who can eat at Angelo’s Diner anytime they want.


Our diner reviews cover diner classics and then go off-menu for a few things that look good on the menu.  Here’s what we thought of the classic diner items offered by Angelo’s:

Pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich


The roll was really crumbly which is OK but did leave a ton of crumbs all over me and the table.  There could have been a slice more pork roll but it was well-grilled and tasted great with the fresh eggs and cheese.  Call it pork roll in South Jersey or Taylor Ham in North Jersey…  just make sure you call us to the table when it’s served!



Gorgeous fluffy diner pancakes.  Does it get any better than this?  Simply delicious!



The eggs were great and the veggies for the Western omelet were finely chopped and cooked well.  The stars of this dish were the home fries, though.  They were creamy on the inside and very crispy on the outside.  Breakfast potato perfection!



The hamburger was a little more cooked that we would have liked but it still had a really nice beefy taste. It came on a really well-toasted bun which we really appreciated.

Chicken Tenders


These were standard diner chicken tenders.  They were nice and crispy with plenty of meat inside. They were served as a meal instead of an appetizer. I was able to chose two sides from a list of about eight options.  We shared the fries which were good.  I also chose carrots which were unfortunately so overcooked that they barely held themselves together into carrot shapes anymore.  I was only able to eat a few of them before abandoning them.

And, here are the wild card items we chose:



You know you’re in South Jersey when there’s scrapple on the menu. These were well-done and were served in nice big slabs.  Love it.

Lima Bean Soup


I haven’t had Lima Bean Soup in a long time and this was amazing.  It had a nice tomato-y broth and those big lima beans gave a nice texture along with other soup veggies like carrots and onion.  This was so good that I wished I had ordered a bowl of it instead of a cup.

Hot Dog


The hot dog was so spicy that it was more like a Red Hot style dog.  Split open and served on a toasted roll, it was delicious.  I love this style of serving hot dogs!

We loved both our visits to Angelo’s and we’re glad such a classic diner is around for everyone to enjoy. Check out all the pictures from our visits to Angelo’s Diner in Glassboro:

Angelo’s Diner, 26 N Main St., Glassboro

(856) 881-9854

Mon – Sat: 5:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sun: 5:00 am – 8:00 pm

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