YDKJ Premiere: New Album ‘Chasing Transcendence’ from All Sensory Void

by Ed Magdziak • February 4, 2016 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)1738

You Don’t Know Jersey is thrilled to premiere this fantastic new album from All Sensory Void. Chasing Transcendence is an alternative music lover’s dream. With touches of 80s modern rock and 90s alt rock the band has created something that will be irresistible to fans of indie music.


Unlike previous All Sensory Void releases this is the first one to not be entirely performed by Eric Goldberg himself. The band is now a trio that features Brian “Dreads” DePhillis on drums and Danny Goldberg on bass. The bigger, bolder sound is exciting and energetic. And, as with previous All Sensory Void records, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Skylar Adler.

The album opens with almost seven minute long “Romantically Hopeless.” A deliriously addictive song that sounds a bit like The Cure and has a booming bass line that Peter Hook would be jealous of. Goldberg sings “And everyone moves on, but I’m still standing static” though the song and direction of the band couldn’t be further from the truth. A winner. “This Charmed Life” and “Desire” pick up the pace and have a harder edge. Great, pulsing songs with attitude. The poetic lyrics of “Confounding” bounce along with the music on a lament about modern living. Who hasn’t felt they “complicate my reservations about every move I make” at some point? “Normalcy” closes the album out on a frenetic indie pop wave of swirling guitar.

All Sensory Void’s first full-band effort is an amazing record that sounds as if the band have been playing together much longer than they have. Check it out on Bandcamp now.

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