Movie Review – Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice

by Donald Hanson • March 31, 2016 • Entertainment, Movie ReviewsComments (0)2270

There are a lot of bad things about Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. I am going to focus on just one. Starting with Man of Steel, Superman has become a dark and humorless character. Everything wrong with Batman v Superman can be summed up in this picture. Take a look at his expression. Superman should never have this expression…ever. Is he angry, frustrated, constipated? I don’t know but it’s not Superman.


Now I’m not saying that you cant make a new version of Superman that is dark and humorless, That would be okay if done correctly.The problem is bringing Batman into the same movie. Batman has the market cornered on dark and humorless. So, congratulations, you now have two characters that are the same. Then Wonder Woman comes in with a small role. Guess what? Dark and humorless.. with a very small amount of mystery and charm. Great, now we have three characters that are the same.

Batman_vs_Superman_Dawn_Justice_12_SFWOne of the reasons that the Avengers movies are so successful is that every character is different. This creates contrast and conflict between them and allows for a wide range of emotions. The makers of BvS seem to think that making everything dark and violent is more realistic, really its just boring.

Batman_vs_Superman_Dawn_Justice_08_SFWThe film has plenty of other problems as well. The character development is weak, the story is a mess and the dialogue is a mixture of cliched and non-existent. The interesting thing is that I still don’t hate this movie. Cinematically, it looks amazing, it has a gritty look since it was shot on film and there are some decent fights and special effects.


None of this makes it a good film but going in with the low expectations that I had from the overwhelmingly bad reviews, I actually wasn’t that disappointed. The future of this series doesn’t look good though. This movie was obviously an act of desperation to compete with Marvel’s Avengers franchise. They have now screwed it up so badly that I don’t think it can ever be fixed.

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