Ed & Alice Visit The Great Albums Podcast to Talk About the Beastie Boys’ Album ‘Licensed to Ill”

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Our friends Brian Erickson and Bill Lambusta are the creators of The Great Albums podcast. They met at Rider University and the main topic of their conversations was always music as they were becoming friends. These talks were so inspired that Lambusta thought, “why not create a outlet to share these discussions on music?” and the podcast was born. Since January 2015 a new episode debuts each week where the duo—many times along with a guest—talk about a specific album, the album’s artist, what the album means to them and end with a track-by-track analysis. It is done in a conversational way so the podcast sometimes takes interesting tangents but always comes back to the main idea; the great album.


We interviewed Erikson recently for our series on New Jersey artists with their record collections and his knowledge about music was astounding. It was wonderful talking with someone with such a vast knowledge of musical history and as someone who also loves to talk music we hit it off quite well. I was thrilled when he later sent me an e-mail asking if Alice and I would like to come on and talk about the debut album of an artist of our choice. The funny thing is in his follow-up e-mail of some ideas he suggested one that was a perfect match for us. The Beastie Boys 1986 debut Licensed to Ill.

Come on y’all it’s time to get nice!

MCA (left) and Ed (middle background) outside the Clifton, NJ White Castle. April 1, 1987

MCA (left) and Ed (middle background) outside the Clifton, NJ White Castle. April 1, 1987

We prepared and headed down to Bordentown, where they tape the podcasts, a little nervous but also really looking forward to it. Alice really wanted to bring some Brass Monkey with us but I nixed that idea. I didn’t want to be inebriated for our first podcast even though that would have been fitting given the spirit of Licensed to Ill.  The guys made us feel right at home and we had blast talking about such interesting and varied topics as album sequencing, Ed’s brush with the greatness of MCA, the brilliance of including classic rock with rap and, of course, what exactly is in Brass Monkey.

We discussed much more which you can hear for yourself. Download the podcast here or here.

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