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We’re celebrating National Burger Month and we had such a great burger at Miss America Diner in Jersey City that we’re including the whole diner review just for the burger!

MissAmerica-9This picturesque, classic train car style diner makes both great breakfasts and lunches. With the diners we’ve reviewed over the last year, we’ve found that most diners do one meal or the other better. Miss America has found the magic behind doing everything right.

Here are the classic diner dishes that we review at every diner:



We tried the breakfast here with our nieces and they ordered the silver dollar pancakes which looked so delicious that we were jealous of all those fluffy little rounds.  Both the silver dollar and regular sized pancakes were light and fluffy.  Not your typical dense diner pancakes.

Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich


There was lots of egg and cheese on this sandwich and it was all perfect.  The roll was expecially nice since it was lighter than the usual hard roll you get at most diners.  The Taylor Ham tasted more like the Case pork roll you get in South Jersey.  This was a really great version of the classic.



We had the corned beef and potato omelet here and it was very well-done.  It tasted great but the eggs were a little crisp for me. The finely chopped corned beef was a nice touch as it was evenly spread throughout the eggs.  The home fries that came with this were also creamy and delicious.

Chicken Fingers


We changed it up a little on this one.  Rather than getting the regular chicken tender appetizer, I saw that their chicken and waffles came with tenders.  The tenders, like the eggs at breakfast, were pretty well-done but that didn’t make them dry so it didn’t bother me that they were very brown on the outside.  The waffle was moist and tender.  Great dish!



Here’s the star of the show, though.  A perfect Jersey burger.  Nice, big beef patty that’s cooked perfectly.  Grilled Taylor Ham slices that are plentifully stacked on top.  The bun, like the roll from the breakfast sandwich was more like an egg roll than the usual hard roll or burger bun.  We really really loved this burger!

Their onion rings were really excellent, too. We started noticing a theme with the really well-done onion rings.  Their deep-fried menu items come out very brown.  This doesn’t detract from the taste but if you like only lightly crisp food, you may want to ask for that specifically. The rings were really big, well coated in an eggy batter and came to the table piled high.


Their chicken sandwich had so much meat that we were able to make two sandwiches with it! This picture is a little deceptive but there were at least a couple chicken breasts worth of chicken on here.  The meat was moist inside and grilled on the outside.  It came on those amazing rolls like the other sandwiches.


And, their soup was terrific, too. Ed can’t pass up a lobster bisque and this one was a little more tomato-y than usual and not as cream-filled.  A nice take on the classic bisque.


We had a great time trying the food at the Miss America Diner in Jersey City.  The waitresses were very nice and even the bus boys were talkative and friendly.  Check out that Jersey burger to celebrate the rest of National Burger Month, too!

Here are all the pictures from our visits to the Miss America Diner.

Miss America Diner

322 West Side Ave., Jersey City


Monday through Friday 6:00 am – 8:30 pm
Saturday 6:30 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm

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