Tony Appleseed Impresses With New EP ‘Color Blind’ – Release Show at Asbury Park Yacht Club Friday June 3rd

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Sometimes I come across an artist that truly refuses to be pigeonholed—where the creativity and output stand out even among the vast array of wonderful artists we have in New Jersey. Tony Appleseed is in this category. Color Blind, out this Friday, is their new EP and it is quite an sonic achievement. It creates such a vivid and interesting musical landscape that I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time I was listening to it. Then I listened to it with headphones. Wow.


Tony Appleseed is the brainchild of Anthony Defabritus III. He recorded, mixed, and mastered the album at antFARM in Freehold. In addition to Tony Appleseed, Defabritus is also the bassist of Accidental Seabirds, Little Big Toe, and part-time with Moon Motel. He is a busy guy.


The album opens with the short, electronic “Catharsis.” A voice over asks “Am I a part of the problem?” while confronting issues of media and television. It reminded me of the video backpacker scene in Ricard Linkater’s movie Slacker and sets the tone for is what to come. From here we dive headlong into the upbeat and sunny “Type 0 Type 1.”  The song is amazingly refreshing as it ponders artificial intelligence. It is a big, bouncy sound with great strings and keys. The song will have you moving in some way. Title track “Color Blind” is a Beatlesque heavier tune examining a well covered topic but in a fresh way. Defabritus sings “We need to shed this hate, cause it’s only in our minds.”

Things get really interesting with my favorite track, the trippy voyage that is “Komorebi.” Waves of sound wash over the dreamlike delivery of vocals like “the things I ask myself, so I can carry on, I’ll just tell myself what I need to hear.” Great whooshing synthesizer adds a great element throughout. The song seemingly floats along before it ends on a heavier outro. It is 5 and a half minutes of bliss. Wayne Coyne would be proud. “Lessons” is a synth happy tune that is contrasted with some wonderful piano. Lots of ear candy in this tune that reflects on the importance of seeing the signs in front of us and taking the time to act on them.

Closing track “Pronoia” defies categorization. Take all of the aural experiences of the previous songs and through in some jazz, noise and experimental. Oh, and take out almost all lyrics. Defabritus plays most of the instruments on the record but there is so much going on in this tune that he has a lot of help including Justin Iannarone on synthesizer, effects and percussion and Sean Polk on rain stick and foam pad. As if that isn’t enough there is also Jordan Garofolo on toothbrush and Jen Santa Maria on textbook. The ending is like something off ambient house band The Orb’s incredible 1992 album U.F.Orb. This song just has to be experienced.

The album is a clear winner. It is a musical melange that is irresistible and at the same time will have you pondering some of life’s biggest questions. In a word, glorious.

You can pick up the EP on Friday June 3rd when Tony Appleseed has their release party for Color Blind at the Asbury Park Yacht Club in Asbury Park. Also on the bill are Little Big Toe, Homeless Apians and No More Pain.

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