YJY Bring the Summer Vibes to Sophomore EP ‘The Same Noise’

by Ed Magdziak • August 19, 2016 • Arts & Entertainment, MusicComments (0)1634

Leave it YJY to wait until August is almost over to release an EP with superb and summery surf rock inspired fuzz pop. The Hightstown quartet release their sophomore EP The Same Noise today as summer begins to wind down and the days get a little bit shorter.


Opener “Summer Lifeguard” has a wonderful, breezy guitar riff over lyrics of unrequited love towards a certain guardian of the shore. The singer comes to the realization that unless he is going under he pretty much doesn’t have a chance. “Past My Prime” is a fun song that finds singer Steve Sachs lamenting the fact the his best days may be behind him. He sings “all the chicks want to see me, dudes want to be me” but no so much anymore. Glory days indeed. My favorite track is “Through Being Hip” and it is pure indie pop gold. Realizing the futility of changing oneself just to fit in is a sometimes painful lesson but a lesson that in the end is always for the best. Closer “Evergreens” is a bright tune influenced by The Cure. Think Cure Wish era, not Pornography era. Though I would love to see YJY cover “The Hanging Garden.” Sach’s voice here reminds me of Peter Bjorn and John and that is a good thing. It is different kind of sound for YJY—dare I say mature?—but it works wonderfully here.


YJY make creating insanely additive, hook-laden indie pop look incredibly easy. It is not. The talent this band brings to the table is palpable. Just a little over a year from the release of their first EP, the excellent Couch Surfin USA, and the band just keeps getting better. Take a listen to The Same Noise and let YJY be your bae.

The Same Noise is out today on Sniffling Indie Kids.

You can catch YJY tonight at their EP release party in New Brunswick or you can see them along with many more amazing local bands at the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival on September 10th in Jersey City.

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